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Set Line Tags
Set Line Tags are used for fishing in the WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters. The tags are a flexible thin aluminum and are often tied to or taped the set or bank pole. These tags started in the 1920s. When issued the fisherman would receive about 5 tags and a license. The number on the tag matched the number on the license. In the example of the 1985 tags below the fisherman with license 2308 lost one of his tags so he had to replace the lost tag with a duplicate. Despite being stamped on the wrong side you can clearly see the number reads "D2308." The "D" before the number shows this tag is the duplicate.  
1985 Duplicate Set Line Tag
Partial Collection of Set Line Tags 
2000 Set Line Tag #1

​The First Tag Made This Century!!
1987 Set Line Tag Variation