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Resident Deer Leg Tags 1920 - 1982
Wisconsin deer hunters for many years carried these around during the gun deer season, and despite the term leg tag these were often fastened to the beam of the horn. Many old head mounts around the state still have these old tags attached to them. There's a couple things of note as you are looking at these. Some of the early tags are missing and some years Wisconsin did not have an open deer season. Between the years 1924 and 1936 the deer season was only open every other year. Another interesting anomaly are the two different tags issued for 1953. One has yellow paint on the end and the other has blue. That year if a hunter bought a Sportsman License he or she was issued a tag with a yellow ball, while if a hunter bought a Resident Deer Hunting License he or she was issued a tag with a blue ball. You may also notice there are two tags for 1964. That year hunters were given the option to volunteer extra money to the DNR, and if you did you received a leg tag with a "V" stamped on the end just before the number. The "1964 V" as it is called also has a green ball instead of the black one most hunters were issued.