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Resident Deer Back Tags 1942 - Present
Resident Deer Hunting Back Tags have been around since the 1942 hunting season, with the exception of 1946 when the Wisconsin Conservation Commission did not issue a back tag. In the early years hunters sewed these back tags to their jacket and if you look closely at some of the examples below you can see the sew marks. In 1964 there were two different kinds of Resident Deer Back Tags. That year if you volunteered extra money while you were purchasing your license you received a back tag with the letter "V" on it. The next change to back tags occurred in 1983 when the Department of Natural Resources stopped issuing the metal Deer Leg Tags. In lieu of of using the leg tag hunters were to tear off the bottom portion of their back tag and secure it to the deer. This "tear-off" style back tag continued until the 1999 season when the first A.L.I.S. Back Tag was issued, and that continues to this day.