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Non-Resident Archery Back Tags 1942 - Present
​Wisconsin Non-Resident Archery Back Tags are interesting because they were issued long before the Resident Archery Back Tags, which started in 1965. Often these back tags were sewn on to the clothing, as is evidenced by the sew marks in the 1950 below. These back tags were also attached to the archer's quiver in various other ways. In several of the 1960s back tas below you may notice the same hole on the left side of the tag. The archer who had these preferred to tie the back tag to the quiver. Others glued their back tag on and by the marks it looks like the 1975 below was taped on. Similar to the Resident Archery Back Tags the Non-Residents were issued a paper tag in the early 1980s for a brief period before the DNR went to the "tear-offs" in 1983, and then to the A.L.I.S. issued back tags in 1999.