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Lit's Story
     It was the summer of 1946 when I was awakened to the voice of my aunt saying, “get up and go see the musky uncle Walt got!? It was a whale of a fish, especially to a five-year-old boy up at the family resort in Little St. Germain, Wisconsin. The story was Uncle Walt turned to my dad and said, “Give me one more minnow so I can catch my limit on Walleye.? As soon as that minnow hit the water it was gone and Uncle Walt knew this was no Walleye. With no net and a line disappearing into the black water under the boat Uncle Walt looked closely and realized he only had one shot with the ore, “Wham!? To uncle Walt’s surprise this monster rolled over in the water.
     After the taxidermist that big Musky sat above resort bar as a conversation piece for many years. My Grandpa, Ladislaus “Lit? Komassa, would have been proud of how his resort turned out. He was there for the construction of it in 1936 and for the first couple of years. Then at the end of the 1939 deer hunting season Grandpa stayed behind at the resort. He wanted to trap a timber wolf while the rest of the family returned to the winter home in Stevens Point. The story goes Grandpa was supposed to call from town to say how he was doing. Knowing Grandpa had a bad heart the boys went up to check on him when no phone call came. They found him in December of 1939 on his trapline with the wolf. He was 61 years old and went down doing what he loved; being in the outdoors.  

Lit's 1913 hunting License
Lit's 1917 Deer Tag
Lit's 1915 Hunting Regulations