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1979 Party Permit
1979 was the last year for Party Permit Hunting in Wisconsin, and below is an example of all 5 pieces issued with the Party Permit. First is the Permit itself, which displays the names of the four hunters on it (back side). Next is the Armband, only one of the four hunters at any given time could shoot the deer and that hunter had to be wearing the Armband. Then there is the Leg Tag itself, which was secured to the deer after the kill. These three items were mailed to the party leader from Madison. The next item is the envelope all the items came in.  Notice that the quota on the Armband matches the quota on the Permit and the number on the Permit matches with the number on the Leg Tag and with the number on the back of the envelope. The 5th and final piece to the 1979 Party Permit is the Quota Map. In this example of Quota 9 a hunter can look at the map and see where the borders for his management unit are for that year. The back of the Quota Map shows how many Party Permits were available and for Quota 9 in 1979 there were 725 permits available.
Party Permit
Arm Band
Leg Tag
Envelope Front
Envelope Back
Quota Map Front
Quota Map Back