Welcome to deertagmuseum.com
. . . preserving the history of hunting, fishing, & trapping in Wisconsin

     Some time ago, as a hobby, I started saving expired Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Archery, Bear, Turkey, and other assorted licenses from Wisconsin and other states. To name a few more, I collect expired Goose, Sturgeon, Otter, Fisher, Bobcat, and Deer Leg Tags along with Back Tags, Party Permit Arm Bands, Turkey Arm Bands, State Trail Passes, Non-Resident items, and pretty much any other license, tag, or application issued by the Wisconsin DNR and similar agencies in other states.
     Since their designs or colors change from year to year, I have been trying to find them from the different years in which they have been issued. In over 10 years of doing this I’ve been able to preserve quite a bit of Wisconsin’s great history. So others may enjoy my collection or possibly help me with it I've created this website.
     If you have any of the items mentioned above I would be interested in preserving them in my collection. I may display items that do not contain any personal information on this website. Also if your old Tag has a story to tell I would be interested in that as well, either for the website or for the current book I am working on.