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1926 Duplicate Hunting License
Here is a rare example of an old duplicate hunting license. This hunter lost his original license then on October 14, 1926 he was issued another license. Rather than getting this license from the county clerk it appears that the Wisconsin Conservation Commissioner himself had to approve this. If you look in the lower left corner of the license you will notice the Wisconsin Conservation Commissioner at the time was Elmer S. Hall. According to the city of Green Bay Website: 

"Elmer Hall was born in New London, WI, on September 12, 1866. He was brought up by his grandparents in Green Bay. His formal education ended when he was eleven years old and completed the fourth grade. When he was sixteen, he was employed in the Fort Howard Post Office as Assistant Postmaster. Later he served as a railway car checker, a postal clerk, and a letter carrier. He married Emma Taylor of Fond du Lac on January 20, 1890.

His remarkable political career began in his thirty-eighth year when he sought and won the office of County Clerk of Brown County in 1904. He served as County Clerk for twelve years, as Mayor of Green Bay five years, as Secretary of State two years, as Conservation Commissioner six years, and as State Senator four years.

When Green Bay changed from the aldermanic form of government to the commission form, Mr. Hall was the first mayor under the new plan. He served as mayor through WWI until January 1921, when he became Secretary of State. In 1923, he was appointed Conservation Commissioner of Wisconsin by Governor John J. Blaine and served in this post until 1928. He was the first and last one-man head of the Conservation Commission."